With this new project "XXXtra", Looptail will kick off the new concert season. After the successful concert series "XXX", Looptail will present 5 new works by 5 very different composers from Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2014: Anna Korsun (1986, Ukraine), Benjamin Scheuer (1987, Germany), Marina Poleukhina (1989, Russia), Francisco Castillo Trigueros (1983, Mexico) en Hikari Kiyama (1983, Japan).

"Door Eigen Ogen"

Giuliano Bracci (Rome, 1980) and Noriko Koide (Chiba Japan, 1982) found an entrance to new voice and approach to their music through the portraits of six Dutch master painters: Giuliano delved into Karel Appel, Mondrian and Rembrandt; Noriko with Bosch, Van Gogh and Escher. With a piece "In Action", inspired by not the sound but the images of B class action movies, Merijn Bisschops (Deurne, 1981) adds another dimension to the project.


"THIEVES" is a collaboration between Looptail and composer/theatre maker Thanasis Deligiannis. The interactive music performance premieres at Gaudeamus Muziekweek."THIEVES" is about the sound that thieves make in the night and the emotions of their victims. As well as the personal stories of the makers (and the audience), the imagination plays a leading part in THIEVES. The music takes on very different forms from one moment to the next. Sometimes it frames the story with graceful reticence; then it suddenly enforces new plot twists and pushes itself to the forefront as the all-knowing narrator.