Stichting Earvision

Looptail is part of the foundation Earvision, which is a group of creative musicians based in Amsterdam. The foundation aims at providing a collaborative environment for its members activities in order to contribute to the field of the contemorary music.


          Stichting Earvision, founded by musicians from Amsterdam in June 2012, is a foundation which supports activities of the artists and the ensembles in the new music scene. The ensembles taking a part in the foundation are Looptail and Amsterdam Collage Ensemble.


     1     To provide opportunities and the environment exclusively for "undiscovered" composers to experiment and explore their musical ideas.

     2     To provide performance opportunities to the musicians/ensembles/music groups within the stichting members, as well as to commission composers to write music for the musicians in the group.

     3     To establish an intensive relationship between performers and composers, breaking the boundary between them, for performers to be able to fully reflect composers' musical personality.

     4     To introduce the musical activities of the stichting, hence the Dutch contemporary music scene, to the audience outside the country.

     5     To establish a financial source for the activities of the group, private sponsorship, and a new healthy relationship with private companies.

     6     To develop the method of communicating with the public through the contemporary music, while extending our venues to present our performance to various types of the audiences.

External Board Members     

Jakob Brons - Chair     

     Klaas van der Laan - Secretary     

Evert Rutgers - Treasury